Kimis tradition is continued…

Since 1978, Kimis family business has been trading in the field of processing and packaging dried nuts and fruit, as well as producing the traditional Kourabie (a special sugared bun) of Nea Karvali. Today, the second generation, with the same love and credibility continues to offer products of exquisite quality.

Dried Nuts

Dried Fruit



All our products are available in custom quantities. To place an order you may call us on +30 2510 316281.

The Kourabie of Nea Karvali

This is the infamous Kourabie of Greece. Its unique taste is based on the traditional recipe of Nea Karvali, with whole almonds and pure butter. It is the absolute dessert of Christmas season. Available in 250gr and 500gr packaging, as well as a tray of 4kg. Enjoy them with your beloved ones!

One share dried nuts

Ideal solution for cafe-bars, the one share dried nuts were established in the local market by us. The packaging contains mixed roasted dried nuts that are kept fresh for a long time. In respect of both economy and hygiene, it is a smart serving solution for every type of food and beverage business. Strengthen your corporate identity by placing your logo on the lid.

Myths and Truths

The truth is that dried nuts have a lot of calories, but at the same time they are extremely nutritional with lots of beneficial properties to the human health. They are full of polyunsaturated fatty acids (which mean healthy fat), proteins, trace-elements, fibers and many vitamins. That is why nutrition specialists suggest their daily consumption with a constraint on their quantity.
Salt does not have any calories. Therefore you do not put on extra weight by eating salted dried nuts. Whether you eat salted or unsalted dried nuts is a matter of taste and your doctor’s advice on your daily salt intake.
There is no good or bad when it comes to dried nuts. It is just a matter of taste and use. Raw dried nuts are widely used in cooking and pastry, while roasted dried nuts usually accompany our drink or wine. It is essential to know that roasting does not add calories when it is done naturally without adding any extra fat. It may destroy some sensitive vitamins that are contained in the nuts, however roasting can eliminate any fungi or bacteria that are occasionally found in raw nuts.